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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Thoorpu Padamara is a Telugu language TV show. One of the most famous and leading Telugu languages TV channel has telecasted "Thoorpu Padamara". ETV Telugu has telecasted the TV show which is a family drama and a daily TV soap serial. The family drama has been produced by Sri Dasara Narayana Rao. The story of the TV serial "Thoorpu Padamara" has the background of a village. The story falls in the village of Ankaiahpalem. The president of this village is Ankaiah Choudary. The villagers call him Ankaiah Dora with fond and love for him. The villagers are so fond of him that they worship Ankaiah Dora as a god father. But his wife Visalakshi doesn’t do so and has no faith in him. Ankaiah Choduharu and Visalakshi have a lovely daughter. Ankaiah Dora loves his daughter very much is willing to do anything to fulfill her desires.

To Ankaiah Dora his daughter is his princess, and she is the only thing that matters in his life. "Thoorpu Padamara" is full of this bond, love, relation, sensitiveness, struggles, hardships and other emotions. The family drama has a lot of ups and, downs. The family TV drama is special and shows the mix of emotions through the Indian family system, a village background, a president whom everyone loves, conflicts in the family, various human emotions, love of father and daughter, the love of father towards her daughter, the mix of sensitivity and struggle and various others ups and downs. Also, Ankaiah always has issues with his wife. Things do not go well between the Choudhry couple. Ankaiah Dora finds love and peace with his daughter.

The show also speaks about his connection with the villagers as they worship him as if he was their God. The TV show has been telecasted for the viewers on the day of Vijayadashmi. "Thoorpu Padamara" has gone over 500 plus successful episodes. The TV series has been loved by the audience due to which it has been a hit TV drama on the screens of ETV Telugu. After a long time, the audience saw something else in the TV serial than just some woman protagonist and various antagonists. The show was completely different from the format of a regular TV serial. "Thoorpu Padamara" had every aspect starting from family drama to love, deceit, support, peace, and entertainment.