Telugu Tv Serial Pelli Pandiri

Pelli Pandiri Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv
Maa TV launched on 27th June 2010 weekly from Monday to Friday at 9:30PM a new Drama television serial, Pelli Pandiri. With only one season and 129 episodes on 23rd December 2010 it was finished and the audience asked for one more season at that time, and this means it has a great success. The Annapurna Studios and the cast like Krishna, Koushnik, Prabhakar, Kalyan, Venu, Preethi Srinivas and directors with the directors it seems like they created a good Drama serial.

The storyline follows the story of two sisters from a normal and traditional family, Niraja and Supraja. Niraje is the elder one and the time for marriage came. She married with Vamsy a rich man who loves each other. They married against the will of the both sides of the parents. Sureja being the little one she has to listen to her parents and never makes any problems with them. The Vamsy’s father decided to give all the fortune to his only son even he does not agree the marriage that he has with Niraja. The uncle of Vamsy tries to kill his father to get all the fortune and leave the boy in poverty. These two girls Niraja and Supraja know about this evil plot and manage to save Vamsy’s father all the time. This kind of story and actions can be met in real life and the fight for power and fortune can kill an entire family and this could be a good reason that the audience asked for another season and continue for Pelli Pandiri.