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Sampradhayam Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
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Sampradhayam is originally a hindi serial Sanskar which aired on colors on 14 January 2013. The show was stopped from April 2014 The dubbed version of the series, Sampradayam aired on Gemini TV on 15th July 2013 Sampradayam is about a guy named Krishna and his family who respects tradition and culture. Krishna’s family owns a spinning mill and he takes care of family business after his studies. After the family business runs into losses, his family asks him to go to US on a job offer so that he can support them financially.

Though he is reluctant towards the idea at the beginning, he finally decides to go away from home for the sake of his family. Krishna follows Indian culture and keeps the tradition close to his heart even in US. Problems start when he misses his luggage in US. Later with the help of an Indian he finds his luggage. His problems persist when he found his boss to be very strict. Circumstances turn so strange and he stays at his boss house as a paying guest. At his boss house he finds the girl who helped him in finding his passport. He was shocked to know that girl is none other than his boss daughter.

Slowly both of them fall in love and decide to get married. His boss mother who is so Indian and who likes Krishna for his respect towards the culture is happy with the marriage proposal, however his boss doesn’t want the marraige to happen. Finally his boss agrees for the marriage and Krishna marries the girl without letting his parents know about it. How his family reacts to the marriage and how they accepts the girl in to family is rest of the story.

The series was stopped on 12th September 2013.


Sudeepa Raparthi Telugu Movie Actress
DOB: 28 February 1987
Sudeepa Raparthi
Chaitra Rai Telugu TV-Actress
DOB: 29 March 1990
Chaitra Rai
Chalapathi Rao Telugu Movie Actor
DOB: 8 May 1944
Chalapathi Rao
Krithika Krishnan Telugu TV-Actress
DOB: 2 August 1984
Krithika Krishnan