Preethi Srinivas is a well-known Telugu actress who works in the Telugu and Kannada television serials. She was born and brought up in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka. She never wanted to be an actress. Instead, she wanted to pursue a career in psychology and was all prepared to do that after graduating from her college. But it is rightly said when the world sleeps destiny plans the next move to take. Preethi is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer hence she has always been perfect with her facial expressions.

Her expressions helped her through the industry. One of her friends was an anchor on a TV show in Bangalore. She forced Preethi to give auditions for the television serials. Preethi refused but due to the consistent requests from her friend, she agreed for the auditions. She was somewhere excited but could not gather enough courage. She never knew whether she could act or not. But as she was perfect with her expressions and body language, the directors of the show were sure that she will be able to emote well, and the audience will easily connect with her.

Even now, she laughs at the fact that when she had given this news to her mother, she was not that happy with the decision of Preethi. But today, when the neighbours and relatives congratulate her mom on the fabulous acting and popularity of her daughter, her mother feels that sense of pride and happiness. She has been acting in television for past few years and has gained the immense love of the audience.

She was a part of two famous serials: Pelli Pandiri Maa TV launched on 27th June 2010 weekly from Mond >> Read More... Pelli Pandiri (Telugu drama directed by Kodi Ramakrishna Rama Krishna more familiarly known as Kode Rama Kr >> Read More... Kodi Ramakrishna , which revolves around two best friends who fall in love with the same girl, Kasturi (Preethi) and Damini. At present, she is busy with the serial Rama Seetha in which she plays two different roles. She was highly impressed by the plot of the show. She plays the character of Meenakshi in the show who walks away from her marriage as soon as she finds the nature of her future husband unbearable and possessive. She finds the role challenging and bold as it helps her to discover more potential in her and gives her a scope of improvement in her acting.

The habit of hospitality is the thing about Telugu industry that they are very open and courteous to the new upcoming talents. Even on the sets, the outsiders who shoot are given a homely atmosphere. That is why an influx of talent can be seen in the Telugu industry. Though Preethi grew up in Bangalore yet whenever she comes to Hyderabad to shoot, she is treated with such love and respect that she feels like Hyderabad is her second home. Whenever she goes there, hundreds of people gather around to see her, and she gets overwhelmed by their affection and generosity. Food and cuisines are a bit of a problem there, but the enormous love of the people covers that up. Preethi is a patient woman. She says that she isn’t in any hurry to prove herself. She wants to work, learn, and improve; that is how she defines her success. She wishes to unveil the potential inside her and explore it to depths.