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Malini Iyer is a Telugu television series based on comedy. It is a very well made television series which is based on the genre of Comedy. This television show is telecasted on every Monday and Tuesday, at 9:00 p.m. This television series a dubbed version of the original Hindi serial which has the same name. The actor who plays as the lead character is Sridevi. It is for the first time that Bollywood has made an appearance on the television in the form of a television soap opera. This show is produced by Boney Kapoor, who is a renowned producer in Bollywood.

The direction of this series is done by Satish Kaushik. Each episode is timed be of approximately twenty-three minutes. The number of episodes that had been aired up till now is one hundred and eighty-four. The series premiered for the first time on 19 January 2014. The story of this television show tells the life of a Tamil Brahmin girl from South India. Her name is Malini Iyer. She gets married to a Punjabi guy, and this show portrays how she manages to bring both very distinguished cultures together. The problems begin situating as soon as she reaches Punjab with her husband. Here she had to follow and adhere to different rituals, customs, and cultures, all together. However, she manages to retain her individualistic identity amongst all these changes, and she loves the family she got married into.

Being a woman of principles and values, she keeps on taking the utmost and devotional care in following the rituals and customs of both the sides. The cast of this television show includes Sridevi, who plays the role of Malini Iyer. Along with Sridevi as the main focus, others who appear in this show are Mahesh Thakur, who plays the role of Pankaj Sabharwal or Malini’s husband, Vinay Pathak, Vijay Kashyap, Kamlesh Oza, Sushma Ahuja, Tamushree Kaushal, etc.