Telugu Tv Serial Damini

Damini Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Damini is an Indian Television serial broadcasted on Gemini TV from Monday to Thursday at 9.00 PM, which started in December 2013. The lead roles are played by K.V.Sriram, Preethi Lakshmi, Alapati Lakshmi, Naidu Gopi, T. Lakshmi (Guntur), T. Priya, Master Lakshminarayana, GK, Srichakri, Miryala Prasad, Sobha, Madhuvani.

Damini serial revolves around the life of a girl called Damini. Damini belongs to a middle class family, Damini is a beautiful girl who is calm in nature and loves her family a lot. Damini’s father is a postmaster and he got a promotion and has to shift Guntur. He accepts the promotion as only 2 years left in his service. So the family decides to move to Guntur and at the same time Damini is approached by a person called Sagar for marriage,  who is works in a Bank in Guntur. The family accepts the marriage proposal. After the family moves to Guntur, the chain of injustice events happens, which totally changes, a simple girl to come forward and fight against the problems and situation. The life of Damini became very complicated and while fighting against the situation and a system, she becomes the hero of the people who were fighting for justice.

Damini is a most popular serial among Telugu audiences. The show’s TRP is also high and it is quite famous among women viewers. 

Another version of this story: 

Damini is a very popular daily soap telecasted on Gemini channel. 

The story revolves around a simple middle class girl Damini whose father is a postmaster and is about to retire in two years. Damini gets engaged with a boy and the story takes a turn when a local politician marries Damini on force. Later, his lust for Damini turns to Love and he completely changes himself as a good and dependable husband. On the other hand Damini sister marries the guy who Damini got engaged earlier and they live a happy life. 

Damini starts facing problems with her in-laws home and her life becomes miserable day by day. Her father in law and his two elder sons want to get rid of her and make plans to kill her. 

Being an intelligent women, Damini manages to handle the situations well and gets out of danger every time they try to trouble her. How Damini reveals the faces of her in laws to his husband and how she gets out of all the troubles forever is the future of the story. 

Damini was telecasted on Gemini TV daily, from Monday through Thursday at 9.00PM. Series was stopped from 10 April