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Padamati Gaali Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Gemini TV launched on 7th May 2012 a new Family – Drama genre serial called Padamati Gaali. Even is a small series with only 95 episodes which broadcast from Monday to Friday at 9:30PM it was a really catchy one as the Gemini TV rating says.

Padamati Gaali is an interesting serial and the critic said is first of this kind because of the storyline and the action of the serial. It was produced by Henry L.J. and it was filmed in the United States of America in California and San Francisco for more than 45 days. The cast is represented by Mr. Rishi, Mr. Sublekha, Ms. Aaditi Agrawal, Suthakar, Mr. Prajin, Chandran Sudha and many others. The storyline present the life of a girl called Vaishnavi who went in the United States of America to find something to work and improve her financial situation. Like all the strangers that go to another country to find something to work she faces many problems in finding a job and survives in another country where you don’t know anyone. The story is an emotional one and presents the reality that all Indians people face when they go abroad to study or to find something to work on.


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DOB: 20 May 1933
J V Ramanamurthy
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Ravi Kondala Rao
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