Tamil Tv Show Utchakattam

Utchakattam Tamil Tv shows on Kalaingar tv

"Utchakattam" is a Tamil language TV show. Kalaignar TV has telecasted this TV show in the year 2014 for its Tamil viewers. Kalaignar TV is one of the leading channels of the Tamil language TV shows where they feature everything starting, from serials to news, debate shows, talk- shows, reality shows and, other entertaining shows. The show is telecasted in the evenings at 6.30 PM to 7.00 PM, for thirty minutes. The show telecasts for a whole week, from Monday to Sunday. The TV show "Utchakattam", has been hosted by a former and a well known host for the Kalaignar TV. VJ Amritha has hosted "Utchakattam's" entire TV series. Utchakattam is a show with an unusual concept. Such concept has never been seen by the viewers on any network. Utchakattam plays climax scenes from various movies.

VJ Amritha welcomes the viewers for the particular episode. After this, she starts telling the audience about the scene and, about the movie from which that climax scene will be played. Then they feature that particular ending scene of the movie. These scenes are specifically picked from the Tamil movies. The scenes picked to play in the episode, can be from an old or a new movie. VJ Amritha also tells the viewers about various facts related to that scene and the movie. She also reminds the audience verbally, about the storyline of the film in a dramatic but simple way. The show features a complete compilation of various climax scenes from the popular Tamil films. Kabali, Deepavali, Iru Mugan and many other hot and, popular Tamil movies with great climax scenes were picked to be portrayed on the show.

Tamil TV audiences have never seen such a show before. Audiences also got to hear special compilations of music along with the climax scenes. The promo of the TV show was also a big hit, and the audiences could tweet about the TV show and, their favorite climax scenes. The show has been a hit on the Tamil TV screens. VJ Amritha has also kept the audience interested with each scene through her dramatic dialogues, storytelling talent and, creating intrigue for the scenes. The TV series has been a hit on Kalaignar TV.