Tamil Tv Show Thulluvatho Ilamai

Thulluvatho Ilamai Tamil TV SHOWS on Vendhar TV

Thulluvatho Ilamai is a current affair and entertainment show that is centered around the youth and college culture. The show used to air on Vendhar TV. The name in its literal sense stands for ‘Exuberance of Youth.’ The goal of the show is to find out young people with talent. The show is based on the culture around the colleges and universities in Tamil Nadu. The basic concept of the show is to allow the students of various colleges to showcase their talent for the entire Tamil Nadu to watch. The show provides a platform for aspiring artists from these colleges and universities. The show showcases these students in a wide variety of acts including drama, comedy, dance and various other art forms.

Each episode travels to a new college or university in Tamil Nadu. The show is centered around the host and a bunch of students. The students are picked randomly. The host then starts an informal chat with these students to introduce themselves and the college they study in. This allows to set up a basic idea about the college in the minds of the viewers. The show then travels to different parts of the campus to talk to various young people and allow them to share their talent. The show also talks about interesting and quirky facts about the college and the people in it. It also tries to bring out what makes the college unique and share that with the viewer.

Often colleges have cultural and technical fests that are a celebration of its students and the college itself. The show covers these fests regularly and provides a glimpse into various technical and cultural activities of the college. The fest also helps student show their talent on a large scale. The acts in these fests include – dance, stand up comedy, drama and much more. The large variety of these acts makes it fun to watch for the viewers.

Thulluvatho Ilamai is one of the few shows that is youth oriented and targeted towards the college-going people. It allows the college or university being featured to showcase its potential on a much larger scale and almost act as an endorsement for itself and its students. The students performing these acts also get an audience for themselves which can help boost their confidence. The viewers watching also get a glimpse into various colleges around them and how the student culture differs from one college to other.