Tamil Tv Show Thala Thalapathi

Thala Thalapathi Tamil TV SHOWS on ADITHYA TV

Thala Thalapathi is a Tamil language show aired on Adithya TV. This is a one of a kind reality show with two VJs of Tamil industry. It was hosted by Azhar and TSK, the best anchors in the Kollywood industry. The show started in July 2016. It was a weekend show that aired once a week, every Sunday. In the show, these two VJs performed different types of comedy skits. Sometimes they insult each other just to make the audience laugh and sometimes they make jokes on current national issues. The show was filled with humor and satire at the same time.

In the show sometimes they used props to make their skirts funnier. Sometimes they played different characters to add spice in the show, these characters were made with the help of these props. It was a single camera tv show made for the live audience as well as to telecasted on tv. In the show, they added laugh tracks in the middle of the episodes to keep the audiences engaged.

In one of the episodes, Tsk played the role of a school going kid who just returned from class and wanted to go to play and Azhar was so strict and didn't want him to go anywhere but to study and do his homework. It was a fun skit with all the childish voices Tsk made on the show. The show had a website where the audience who wanted to participate in the show could go and register themselves to be a part of the show. It was a light fun show made for the youth who enjoy shows in regional language.