Tamil Tv Show Star Comedy

Star Comedy Tamil tv-shows on ADITHYA TV

Everybody needs a little humour in their life. With humour, one can make a negative atmosphere positive in minutes. Adithya TV fulfils just that. It makes sure to make their audience laugh their hearts out, with their series of hilarious shows on their channel. It is considered as one of the highest viewed comedy channels in Tamil. One of its most popular shows, star comedy, is sure to tickle your funny bone. It plays a compilation of funny clips, from various Tamil movies back to back.

The viewers can sit back, and enjoy while watching the different funny yet memorable scenes from a number of movies. It is considered as a complete family show and can be watched with just anybody. One should have a good laugh with each other while watching it, and bond over the course of the show. It is a visual treat for the movie lovers as they can watch their favourite actor’s famous comedy scenes back to back from different movies. The main concept of the show is to focus on one famous Tamil movie actor or comedian every episode, and play all of his or her amusing, comical and hilarious clips from many selected movies.

It is broadcasted on Adithya TV from Monday to Friday at 2:30 pm. It is played for a duration of half an hour. ' Rajinikanth', ' Surya', ' Kamal Haasan', ' Vijay' are among those famous Tamil actors, whose clips have been played on this show. This show doesn’t let anybody get bored. It is sure to generate peal of laughter from all its viewers as it has its comic element in it. This channel has never disappointed its viewers in their shows, and in a similar way, this show star comedy has never disappointed its audience by telecasting any random scene.

It has always played the best and the funniest of the scenes from many of the famous Kollywood movies. Due to their sincere and genuine approach in fulfilling their role as promised while starting this show, it has always had a dedicated fan following.