Tamil Tv Show Samayal Samayal With Venkatesh Bhat

Samayal Samayal With Venkatesh Bhat Tamil OTHERS on VIJAY TV

Samayal Samayal with Venkatesh Bhat is a Tamil television series based on cooking. The show is telecasted in the Tamil channel of Star Vijay. Venkatesh Bhat is a famous chef, and this show is a cooking program. Through this show, Venkatesh Bhat comes forward with his famous recipes and teaches them to the viewers. All the recipes followed up in this show have been termed by Times of India as the “exciting recipes of South Indian cuisine”. The telecasting of this program began in the year 2014, on 23 August. It took place in the 2 p.m. slot of every Saturday.

The repeat telecasts were shown at varied times during the week. A total number of thirty-four episodes were produced for this show, and each had about forty to forty-five minutes of running time. This show’s predecessor was called Samayal Samayal and was hosted by the same host Venkatesh, along with another famous television anchor. The format of the show featured Venkatesh Bhat as the host and anchor of the show. On every episode, he handpicked a few of his own recipes and demonstrated how to make them.

Along the show, he also shared his own knowledge and experiences he had in his career as a chef. He enlightens the viewers of the show with the art of presentation that Michelin star restaurants follow and many secrets of making a bland and ordinary dish into something extraordinary. Throughout the show, a total number of hundred recipes are demonstrated by him that he handpicked from his own cookbook. Quite a few celebrities also make an appearance during the show, especially stars from other serials or programs of the same channel.

This show was a sequel to the previous hit called Samayal Samayal. In the previous version the show used to be filmed with a live audience, and the hosts of the program were Venkatesh and Sharmila, both. The audience even participated in the show. The last episode of this series was aired on 14 November of the same year. The beginning episodes featured recipes from the Indo-Western background, followed by the ones with fish, and then was the ones with fruits. Then certain episodes were dedicated to Navarathri.

After this, Venkatesh took the focus to individual cuisines, such as Italian, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra, and Chinese. Special episodes were produced as well, such as culinary teachings for bachelor's, Indian sweets special, kebab special, and breakfast dishes.