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Nimirnthu Nil Click to look into! >> Read More... is an IBC Tamil Channel TV show. The TV show hit the Tamil TV screens in the year 2016. The TV show was aired on every Saturday for the audiences. Nimirnthu Nil was truly a special TV show. This TV show was made to celebrate the various kinds of talent which are present in our community. The TV show had the concept of a talk show where Subha Umadevan interviews of the guests. These guests are not celebrities or known politicians, but they are those talented people of our community who are often not known by many. All these guests have some special kind of talent on which they have worked and have made their unique identity. These people are not just known by their names, but they are known for their talent. Subha Umadevan, in her show, has interviewed J Sivananthan. He is a sketch artist. She visited his place and interviewed him. He talked about his story starting from when he got to know about his passion for sketching and working hard on it to reach this level of success.

In second episode Subha went to interview the founders of the Phoenix Organization; Yathuram and Keerthana. She took their interview in which they talked about how they got the idea and how they laid the foundation of their organization. The next interview was with the Founder of the Eelavani Beauty Care, Vanitha. Vanitha also shared her journey of being a woman entrepreneur and her passion to provide beauty care to other women in her community. Another episode was with Dr. Madhavi.

There was another interview which was with the singer Janani Nagendran. Subha, as the host of the show, visited the places of these guests to take their interviews. These guests shared their story of fighting all the odds, nourishing their talents, their support system, hindrances and all other aspects that add to their story of success. The guests who were artists showed their work to the host and the audiences. The other people who had different talents showed their places of work, their offices where the host made an entire walkthrough to catch all the glimpses of their work place. The TV show makers reached out to every possible talented artist of the Tamil community and invited them on the show. The guests inspired many other people who had the zeal to do something.