Tamil Tv Show Namma Ooru Connexion

Namma Ooru Connexion Tamil TV SHOWS on VIJAY TV

Namma Ooru Connection is a reality TV show. This Tamil language TV show is telecast on the Star Vijay TV Channel. The reality game show is about making a connection. The participants of the show TV are common people. The people can only participate in a team of two. The two members of the team could be related to each other by any relation like; husband-wife, brother-sister, friends, mother-children, father-children, sister-sister, bother-brother or any.

The TV show is played in various cities or places. This means that participants only from that area or that particular city could participate. To win the game show and, become the best connector they participants have to think hard, they have put the thinking caps on and, make a connection with the questions. The show has different types of rounds which keep on changing. Each team is provided with either movies clip, a still from the movie or a scene from the movie, after which, the participants have to think and try to guess the name of that movie. Each team is given a different movie still. Whereas, when one team is trying to solve its question, the other teams who know the answer can press the buzzer. If the team to whom question was allocated the other team who pressed the buzzer gets a chance to answer and so on.

The question is not just a movie still, there are other kinds of questions which make the audience think. There are images which signify a dialogue or a movie title or title of a popular show. There are images of monuments, food, historical place, and much more. To answer each question, the participants are given thirty seconds. First, this game show was played in Trichy. Later on, after wrapping up with Trichy Finals, the show went on playing with the participants of Coimbatore.

First, the game is played with five teams, after which, the winners get on to play in the finals. Two teams are eliminated in the auditions round. The one who wins becomes the Best Connector. In the finals, three teams play the game. The winners are provided with a trophy and, cash prizes. The TV show runs for an hour on the TV screens of Vijay TV. The audiences show great zeal and, enthusiasm to participate in the show and, the participants also play the game with great love and team spirit. Mirchi RJ Vijay hosted this TV show. The show reached home towns of various people and, gave them a chance to win on such a huge platform.