Tamil Tv Show Mun Jenmam



Star Vijay, an innovator as far as substance and presentation are concerned. A channel which has presented the classic series such as `Naiyaandi Durbar´, comedy series such as ' Neeya Naana', famous reality series such as `Super Singer´,`Jodi No 1´, and `Coffee with Anu´, has now come up with the concept of `rebirth´ on their new show `Mun Jenmam´. Resurrection and Rebirth are one the topics, about which nothing sure has been declared. Truth be told, even it's presence is being addressed. The show aired on 21st December 2011. Ajay Rathnam, a famous face in Tollywood hosted the show. Later, Raja Narayan also presented the show for some episodes. A famous personality is called on the show and a Doctor is present.

Dr Vethamalika, a famous `Paraychologist´, `Medical Psychologist´, and a `Clinical Hypnotherapist´ hypnotise the people and interview them, to understand the occasions in their past lives that have the association with issues of the person's in the present life. The Doctor hypnotises the personality and takes him/her in the past. The member is solicited to comment, video clippings from the Hypnosis session appeared in the middle. This is the basic concept of the show. Venkat Prabhu, a singer, an actor, and a director in Tollywood was the first guest on `Mun Jenmam´. He was awarded `Favorite Director´ award for his film `Mankatha´ and `Best Find of the Year´ award for `Chennai 600028´.

He will be coming up with the second part of his film `Chennai 600028´ entitled `Chennai 600028 II: Second Innings´ in 2016. On the show, the Doctor hypnotised him and took him into the past. After a while, he started telling about his past life, his good and bad experiences and more. The Doctor attests that Venkat was a `Muslim´ for at least his previous two births, once he was a `Chinese warrior´, and at some other time, he was a `Muslim Scholar´ in Iraq.

Every one of these things was uncovered amid the Hypnosis session conducted by Doctor. The Doctor likewise stated that Venkat's current life is remunerating his past life's transgressions, which are negligible. He is encouraged to be more situated to his Family as in his prior births he had not paid much attention to his family life. Many popular faces such as Kavitha (actress), Nisha Krishnan (Model and actress) and Kaveri (have acted in many Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada-language films) are invited to the show. An out of the box concept which shows the paranormal experiences of famous personalities through the process of Hypnosis done by Paranormal Psychologist Dr.Vedhamalika.