Tamil Tv Show Moonsigns

Moonsigns Tamil tv-shows on Peppers TV

Moonsigns is an astrology and horoscope based series which got aired on the Peppers TV channel. It brings to the viewers their daily forecast which gets based upon their zodiac signs. It gets hosted by Kaazhiyur Narayanan, one of the most famous astrologers. He also tells the audience members how to enrich and ensure the best possible outcome from their day. He answers all kinds of queries which get sent in by the viewers at home regarding their future or how to tackle problems in their lives. He got known for adopting a scientific approach and utilizing various astrology software to enrich his accuracy and dependability of the predictions. He provides a number of useful suggestions to the callers regarding their prayachithams and raasibalan. It forms a part of their morning programming segment. 

Peppers Entertainment Television, which presents this show, is amongst the next generation channels viewed by the Tamil speaking audience, and it looks to try and redefine entertainment. They portray a fresh and upbeat approach towards the kind of innovative programming which they offer. This helps them win over the hearts of their viewers and build a connection with them. Their production, as well as creative teams, consist of professionals who have expertise and experience with media. Their creative instinct which when coupled with their deep insight about audience preferences enables them to develop a slew of appealing programs which have very rich content. The programs are very diverse covering music, film related news, comedy shows, reality shows, food, technology, fashion and also movies.

Most of their programs get designed to be interactive and empower them to connect with audiences at a personal level. Each of their programs has gotten developed keeping their unique style in mind. The quality of the content which they provide forms one of the sides of the coin. The other side gets formed by their technical expertise. Their technical team makes use of some of the highest quality equipment in the digital arena in order to deliver their crystal clear visual treats along with the brilliant acoustics. These two aspects put together to provide a very high-end experience to the end viewers who get attracted to the programming. They possess exclusive production facilities of their own which allow them to incorporate these feats emerging from the very latest technology.

Their state of the art control rooms which gets designed keeping an excellent output in mind reflects in each and every show which they release. Their personal studios and editing suites along with a dedicated team provide them the edge when it comes to competing with some of the more established names in the industry.