Tamil Tv Show Manjal Veyil Malai

Manjal Veyil Malai is a Tamil language TV show. The show has been telecasted by one of the biggest Tamil language channels known as Vanasth TV. Vasanth TV has provided its audiences with various kinds of TV shows like; daily soaps, reality shows, game shows and many other shows. Manjal Veyil Malai has been such a special TV shows. Manjal Veyil Malai is a show that has various segments in it and, each made to benefit the audience in some way or other. Majnal Veji has segments which are related to heath, exercises, education, laughter, comedy, spoken English and, many other beneficial segments in each episode.

The host of the TV show welcomes the audience at the beginning of the show and later on takes them through different segments. The host starts the show with the yoga section. In the yoga section, one enthusiast teaches different yoga exercises to the audience. In the yoga section, they also tell the audience about the benefits of doing yoga exercises and motivate the audience to follow up the same. Later, the next segment is education section in which Professor Rajagopal teaches spoken English to the audience. He takes a topic from the English grammar related to spoken English and, goes on with explaining it on the writing board.

The next segment in the episode is the Earth segment in which there are talks about farming, agriculture, different farming techniques, famous types of Vegetations, chat with farmers, chat with owners of farms and farming land, debates on organic and non-organic products, and much more talks about earth. The next segment, in the show is Dancing section. In this segment, dancers, choreographers and dance masters from various dance academies come one by one and teach dance to the audience. Dance also includes exercise.

The last segment of Manjal Veyil Malai is comedy section where, a stand-up comedian cracks jokes and makes the audience laugh with his comedy. As the show goes on, the host before each segment explains to the audience about the particular section. Later, with the last segment she signs off. Manjal Veyil Malai has been the only TV show which has a mix of different segments like this. The TV show came with the full package of improving health, fitness, spoken English, knowledge and making audience laugh in one single show. The show has been loved and appreciated by the audience.