Tamil Tv Show Kutram Kutrame

Kutram Kutrame Tamil TV SHOWS on Thanthi TV

Kutram Kutrame is a TV series where people are informed about various news and changes that are taking place. It is telecast on Thanthi TV and is in the Tamil language. Targeted to the Tamil community or people who are familiar with Tamil language, they make the main audience of the show. It covers many aspects of human emotions and portrays some unusual situations, devastated relations, psycho minds, men worst than animals and sad truths.

This show explores the real side of cruelty. It consists of facts and reality that is very hard to digest. It is very shocking when a man or women who love each other surprisingly start to have hatred in the hearts for their partners. It can be because of insecurity or doubtful nature. It is not only restricted to husbands and wives but also to boyfriends and girlfriends. The examples of a man killing his girlfriend telecasted on 10th September is very horrifying. Also, a man killing his wife for suspecting her behavior aired on March 31st blows our minds away.

This questions the security of girls and women in this male dominated society. Students who just step out into this new world also fall prey to it. They are also facing the cruel world. The news of a beheaded engineering boy found on the railway track brings goosebumps to us. Father raping his daughter and a man killing his brother makes me think if they own a heart. In this world, even the purest of the relations are devastated, and even those who are close to us betray. Therefore some even lose hope in people and they never again in their life can trust anyone.

Kutram Kutrame covers political stories along with the crime. For example the case of ADMK member murder, which was solved on March 12 when five were arrested under law. Also, four arrested for killing the ruling party member was of the similar kind. The news is a very efficient medium to bring out the reality in front of people and educate them about what is happening in the outside world. Kutram Kutrame handles it skilfully with perfect hosting.