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Laabam Tamil TV SHOWS on Thanthi TV
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Laabam is a TV series aired on five weekdays, that is from Monday to Friday on 9:30 am. It is a Thanthi TV show that usually starts with a disclaimer. It is educational in nature and informs people about commodity and currency trading in each episode. This show has a runtime of half an hour. Laabam means profit. Therefore this show has one primary motive, that is, to inform people and tell them different ways of making a profit.

The host of the show is presentable and has a control over her voice. She is always in a blazer, is well prepared and has a good research done before the show starts. She has a good knowledge about the topic. Individuals who are majorly related to the topic covered in the show give their presence. After the invitation they are asked different types of questions. They are interviewed by the host to find out useful information for the viewers. The show starts with the host introducing the guest and the topic to be handled. Then she provides the viewers with helpline numbers to get in contact with the show and ask doubts on air. The professionals in currency trading educate people. This show, therefore, is viewed by those having an interest in this field. For example in a show aired on 14th December, Mr. Sethuramam clarifies doubts of various persons in this topic.

Other specialized guests like Mr. Hariharan and Mr. Lakshmi Narasimhan are also included in the show and participate in discussions about Commodity and Currency trading. Topics like foreign exchange markets, different countries and their currencies build the topics of discussion in the show. They explain how currency and commodity are related to trade. Not all currency or commodity are worth trading therefore traders need to take into account the commissions and liquidity of the market.

This show was important to those who were working in Finance, Trade, Export and Import or was studying them. This show doesn’t have a good viewership because this is a topic which is not familiar to everyone and is dry. Therefore people who have an interest are regular viewers of this show.


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