Tamil Tv Show Jothida Dharbar

Other names of : Jothida Darbar
Jothida Dharbar  Tamil TV SHOWS on VIJAY TV

Jothida Darbar is a Tamil show on Star Vijay. An astrology-based show in which Sarranya Saiprashanth, Aditya guruji, Aandal Chockalingam, and Rajasekar predict daily horoscopes and discuss numerology. The host began the show with the renowned astrologer Aditya guruji, Vastu expert Andal P. Chokalingham and Numerologist A.N. Rajasekhar. The callers interact with well-known astrologers and numerologists and seek advice on 'Vastu - Shastra' spiritual impediments and personal wellbeing. The experts go on to answer the queries sent in by the viewers and predict horoscope.

They help the viewers by resolving their issues regarding their life. Guruji explains how astrology intermingled with geographical barriers and political organizations. Andal clears doubts on change of fortune post marriage. They obtain an in-depth analysis of the effects of Sani Bhagwan and the origin of uncertainty in the human mind. They also explain the reason why gamblers are obsessed with making money.

Rajasekher addresses a viewer's fertility problem while Andal shares Vastu tips for being blessed with a baby boy. They also discuss the test-tube babies try their best to resolve every issue of their caller. Aditya Guruji is an astrologer. Andal P. Chokalingham is a Vastu expert. A.N. Rajasekhar is a numerologist. 

Another Version Of This Show

Jothida Darbar is a TV show that airs on the channel Vijay TV. Jothida is an astrological talk-show where a few religious scholars join together for a discussion. The astrologers appearing on the show are Saranya Saiprashanth, Aadhithya Guruji, Andal Chockaligam and Rajasekar. The show opens with the anchor introducing the guests. The scholars then proceed with telling viewers their daily horoscope. If there is an event nearby like an eclipse or a festival, they give viewers the necessary prayers to be offered to god and certain precautions to be taken. They also take calls from the viewers who express their doubts mostly related to health, education and family.

The scholars clear their doubts and give solutions to their problems. In every episode, the panel conducts a discussion on topics varying from simple ‘dosha’ to historical significance of certain places. Some of the topics discussed are; the significance of Thirukkanur temple, test-tube babies, the reason behind wearing a birthstone, Shani ‘dosha’, Sarpa ‘dosha’, why gamblers are addicted to making money, etc.