Tamil Tv Show Grama Kala Sangamam

 Grama Kala Sangamam  Tamil TV SHOWS on DD Podhigai

Grama Kala Sangamam is a folk-based show in the Tamil language that is aired on the channel DD Podhigai. DD Podhigai is the regional channel of the oldest broadcasting network in India, Doordarshan. The show, Grama Kala Sangamam has been telecasting for many years now. The show is still in the running. The show airs on weekdays, from Monday to Friday at 9:00 am IST. Each episode of the show is half an hour long. Grama Kala Sangamam is an art based show that features the folk art of the state of Tamil Nadu.

The show is a compilation of various dance forms and songs that have been there in the folk culture of Tamil Nadu for generations. These dance forms come from various villages and towns of the state and are still practiced vividly in different parts of Tamil Nadu. The show features dance performances by various local folk groups like S. Ramya and party, Vinod Raj and group, Paimala Devi and group, Nalina Devi and party, street dances and drama like Theruk Koothu by R. Mugam and group, etc.

These folk dances have a story and history related to them. The show is hosted by Jothi Jessica. She starts the show by giving an insight into the history of these dance forms and the motives behind the invention of these dance forms. She also talks about the specialties of these dance forms. For, e.g., a dance form named Karagaattam is basically, a dance form mainly performed by women. This dance form is performed in honor of their local gods and goddesses.

The dance form includes balancing a clay pot on the heads of the dancers. Kazhialaattam is a dance form performed by fishermen to express their joy and happiness. Paraiaattam is a dance form where the dancers play the drum while dancing. So the music of the dance is played by the performers themselves while dancing which increases the difficulty level of the dance. Many of these dance forms are not only very difficult to perform, but also very colorful and enjoyable to watch.

These performances make us realize the amount of hard work and practice that goes into making these performances perfect and also give us a feeling of happiness and pride in the abundance of the rich culture that our country has. Many such dance forms are featured on this show like Kola Kolaya, Uyilaattam, Silimbaattam, Kolattam, Tapapattam, etc. these dance forms come from various culturally rich cities and villages of Tamil Nadu like Madurai, Vellore, Thanjavur, etc. These dance forms show the true essence and colors of rural India.