Tamil Tv Show Double Galatta

Double Galatta Tamil tv-shows on ADITHYA TV


Double Galatta is a 1-hour comedy program telecasted in Adithya Tv. The show is broadcasted at 9 pm from Monday to Friday in the evening. Double Galatta is hosted by VJ Azhar and Dindugal Saravanan. This show also performs themselves and they play comedy clips from the movies instead of songs that played in usual shows. The show is the mixture of mimicry, a comedy with some discussion about the topic they choose for that day. They perform throughout with some screenplay. The show has graphic made background with the logo of show moving animation. In Double Galatta, They play comedy clips old to new, But still most vastly played comedy sequences are of natively like every other comedy programs.

In One of the episodes, they recreated a love story of a girl and guy through the phone. VJ Azhar was playing a girl with mimicking a girl's voice and Saravanan being the guy. The funny conversations made everyone smile. On Double Galatta instances like this are recreated by the anchors and anchors have to behave more than anchors and good like actors. Somedays on show VJ Azhar behaves like a lady totally with the body language of a female. It may be little awkward but still he does a great job. Most of the days VJ Azhar plays lady characters and show and he does it so well. Even both of anchors talk to imaginary characters in the room and that too with good realism.

It never feels artificial for viewers. Some of the day's show get completed without playing comedy clips from movies but still it is very much watchable just because of the performance of the hosts. The background also changes according to their theme. VJ Azhar started as VJ in 2011. He is Currently both RJ and VJ. He is now Working as RJ in Suryan Fm and also he is the VJ of Adithya Channel. He started his career through mimicry and he did mimicry in channels like Raj TV and Sun TV. In Sun TV his mimicry shows were hit and the programmes name was Ilamai Pudhumai. He was then seen to be working as an RJ of Aaha FM.

His stage name was Golmaal Azhar at that time and currently, He is working with Suryan FM for programmes like Dishyum ​Dishyum. He currently holds the Guinness world Record of the longest memory performance made by an individual. The performance was of 12 hours continuously. He is known for minimising more than 100 voices easily ranging from kids, heroines, heroes even character and comedy artists. Dindugal Saravanan is from Dindugal in Tamil Nadu. 

He is an actor Vj and comedian. He has acted in a movie called Vennila Veedu In a pivotal role. The feature film was directed by Vetri Mahalingam and the lead cast included Vijay Sethupathi, Vijayalakshmi and Srindha Ashab. Saravan has also been VJ of Puthuyugam Tv and Makkal TV and he has done programmes like konjam arattai konjam settai . He has performed in a program named ellamae sirippu thaane in Kalaingar Tv.