Tamil Tv Show Deiveeganeram

Deiveeganeram  Tamil TV SHOWS on Mega Music

Deiveeganeram is a Tamil language TV show. The TV show has been telecasted by one of the leading Tamil musical channels known as Mega Music Channel. Mega Music TV channel deals in very different genres of music be it; filmy to classical, devotional, soothing music, old era songs or the latest hits. Deiveeganeram has been such a popular and special TV show made for a special purpose for the viewers of Mega Music TV channel. Deiveeganeram TV show is a morning program that telecasts at 6 AM. The show runs for thirty minutes on the TV screens. Deiveeganeram is a religious TV program. Each episode of Deiveeganeram is dedicated to a huge collection of songs sung for God in the Tamil language. The TV show is an assemblage of the devotional songs in the Tamil language.

The collection of the songs made for the episodes are picked from the collection of various devotional songs sung by Tamil singers and, musicians. The makers of the show also pick famous devotional albums are picked to feature in episodes. These albums are sung and, composed by leading devotional singers and musicians, eminent musicians from music industry of Tamil, singers who sing in Satsang or other cultural shows and, many other related singers and musicians. The collection of the devotional Tamil songs is also filtered from the movie’s songs. Songs devoted to God in films of the Tamil entertainment industry are also chosen. A mix of devotional songs compilation from different sources is picked which is then featured in the episodes of Deiveeganeram TV show. Special playlist is composed and, special songs are picked on the special occasions.

The songs are dedicated to God with which the audience connects to God by way of these playlists. On special festivals celebrated all over India or festival and, special occasions of the Tamilians special devotional songs are featured, such episode is made special with a different look of the episode. Deiveeganeram TV show gives a peaceful, religious and, a good start to the mornings of the audiences. The audience of the TV channel love watching the TV show. The audiences also believe that there is no better way to start a day than taking God’s name in the morning. The TV show has provided with great music, praying devotional songs and, special episodes on special regional occasions and special episodes for festivals. The show currently runs at Mega Music channel at 6 AM.