Tamil Tv Show Comedy Ku Nanga Guarantee

Best of Comedy Ku Naan Guarantee Tamil tv-shows on ADITHYA TV

Adithya TV is a Tamil comedy television channel, a first of its kind, owned and managed by Sun TV Network India Ltd. It is one of the most loved as well as most viewed channels in the country. Adithya TV telecasts both old as well as new comedy shows competing with its biggest competitor Sripoli. Shows like Santharam Special, Sirika Sirika Siripu, Vaivitu Siringa are the most popular show that are telecasted on Adithya TV. Other loved shows telecasted by the channel include Adithya Paarunga Sirichute Irunga, which airs a collection of funny clips from the popular Kollywood movies, Vanga Srikkalam Live where the mimicry king Aadavan presents some witty and quirky riddles to the audience as well as the viewers to solve.

Another exciting show aired by the channel is Time Machine which has a unique concept of children going back to the past to explore the various important events that have already occurred. Adithya TV telecasts the hilarious Comedy Ku Nanga Guarantee. The show is an on-stage television program where various famous comedians perform for the entertainment of the judges as well as the viewers. The concept of the show divides the actors into two teams where they battle it out in rounds, to be declared as the winner of the show.

The program telecasted for the first time on 19 January 2014 and telecasts every Saturday at 9 PM on Adithya TV. With about 3823 followers on Facebook, this show witnesses the performance of some of the most high-end comedians of the country. From the popular Goundamani who is known for his iconic trolls to the hilarious Santharam. Every comedy superstar has been to the show at least once, either as a judge or a participant. However, by audience poll it has been made clear that Sol vs. Dhil aired on 17 March 2014, remains one of the best episodes of Comedy Ku Nanga Guarantee, till date.

The show believes that comedy is not just another genre of entertainment. It is different from any other style. Shows of other types are supposed to make us applaud, get filled with satisfaction and enjoy, but the only motive of comedy shows is to make us laugh without hurting anyone's sentiments. Comedy Ku Nanga Guarantee, therefore, is a combination of on stage shows and performances to make people content and provide them with sheer happiness.