Tamil Tv Show Azhwargal Darisanam

Azhwargal Dharisanam is a devotion based religious show which came on the channel Star Vijay. The series is a Tamil language one which came on every day from Monday through Sunday in the half and hour time slot between 6:30 AM and 7:00 AM. The program embarks us on a journey of the spirit and gives a huge variety of devotional songs and rituals that get dedicated to our revered deities. It shows us the techniques followed for worshipping in the divine as well as pious temples where we celebrate different occasions all over India. The series journeys and shows the audiences some of the major recognizable shrines which got located across the state’s territory. The host of this show presents us with a lot of small but interesting information which got related with the different rituals as well as customs that get followed across the different temples.

This deeply religious program can get called unique owing to the fact that it allows us to pay our respects and learn a lot more about the various rituals that get followed. These religious places could be from any of the surrounding regions, and they provide us with the appropriate access from within our very own homes in a comfortable environment. We get to learn a lot about the various deities who get worshiped in that temple along with a lot of historical facts as well regarding these temples. The program manages to transport us all and give us insights into the different teachings of the deity and the temple we are seeing that day. This got accompanied with a narration about the inherent specialties that exist in those temples or about the deities who got enshrined within. It provides a spiritualistic journey which got supplemented with a layer of self-actualisation through the learnings we can glean from therein. The entire trip provides us with the feeling of visiting the holy grounds without moving out of the home.

The program, therefore, features a very wide variety of temples which got worshiped along with its various associated activities. We also learn some of the popular hymns which had gotten dedicated to the Gods as well as the Goddesses. The audience members get a deep spiritual feeling through the virtual journey by providing a means of going to these very popular Indian shrines. The program provides some beautiful insights into the colorful world of Hindu deities alongside the different spots of their worship. It forms a remarkable treasure trove which consists of information regarding the numerous Gods and Goddesses and also the temples along with their inherent symbolism.