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Sivamayam Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Sivamayam, telecasted in Sun Tv , was one of the proud productions by Radaan Media Works, headed by Mrs. Radhila Sarathkumar. This serial has the credit for proving that Radaan Media Works can excel in thrillers too. An interesting and thrilling serial which made the viewers , especially women, in most of the houses, sit glued to the screen , while watching. The story was contributed by Indira Soundarajan, who is famous for his stories filled with mystery and supernatural ghost stories. Sivamayam , directed by Rakesh Sinha, is a story about the Siddharths (saints) of Sivan malai and was said that it is based on a real story that happened in Chaturagiri hills, also known as Sivan malai and also known as Kailayam.

Actually the hill is located near Watrap , a calm town in Srivilliputtur district in Tamilnadu in Southern India. In the hill which is full of thick forests, all the trees have the story of their own, The serial revolves around the stories of this forest hill and the stories about the siddharths (saints) living here and their unique speciality. The saints and trees have communication and they communicate in a special way. The whole bunch of the cast in the serial, including the child artists have done a good job. The popular actors like Venuarvind and Poovilangu Mohan Poovilangu Mohan is one of the veterans in Tamil t >> Read More... , as always , have done justice to their roles . Most of the scenes in the serial gave goosebumps to the viewers. It was said that many viewers unknowingly, used to scream out of fear while watching some of the particular supernatural scenes and the thrilling scenes shown in darkness of the forests. The title song, with soothing rhythmic music “Kandare Kaanathatha Kandarey…” was a favourite among many and was enjoyed hearing .

Another version of this story...

Shivamayam, a spiritual-thriller serial, is based on a novel written by the famous novelist Indra Soundarajan (Story writer of Marmadesam Marmadesam, which means a mysterious land, is a my >> Read More... ). It was produced by “Radaan Mediaworks India Limited”, a famous television show production company which produced the biggest trend-setter television serial of Tamil Nadu “ Chithi Chithi is a Tamil serial that was aired on Sun TV. >> Read More... ”, owned by veteran Actress Radhika. Shivamayam was telecasted on Sun TV, between 9:30 to 10:00 pm on every Saturdays during 2004-2005 (The 9:30 to 10:00 slot is considered as lucky for “Radaan Media” as all her major successful serials like “Chithi”, Annamalai”, Selvi”, “Aarasi” and “Vani-Rani” (The currently running show of Radaan Media) all are aired in this slot on weekdays.

Most of spiritual serials target women audience, but Shivamayam, being a “spiritual- thriller serial” targeted male as well as female audience of all class, just like how the “Marmadesam” series did. Shivamayam is the mysterious spiritual-thriller story about a sage living in the hills of “Chathuragiri” (also known as Shivamalai) and the people living in a village, nearby to the hill. Shivamayam had very high expectations as it was produced by Radhika and written by Marmadesam’s writer. It was popular while it was telecasted, but compared to the “Marmadesam” series, this one was a little guy!