Tamil Tv Serial Marudhani

Marudhani Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Maruthani is a family oriented drama aired by Sun Television Network on a daily basis from Monday to Friday. The story is built on an exceptional hearted young lady who marriages a poor man and struggles to cope up with her life. Despite marrying a poor man, she will be thrown out her house. She is financially not good, neither have friends or relatives from her side to help.

Her husband’s family is a joint family of huge relatives with each having their principles and values. She finds it very difficult to cope with the family members and had to sacrifice herself a lot for others, even the communication initially, yielding lots of problems between herself and her husband’s family. She fights for the unity of the family. As days go on, she understands everybody’s nature and mingles with everyone closely and gets everybody’s attention and love. In a situation, she had becomes a part of everybody’s life.

The main role is cast by the Famous Poovizhi Vasalilae actress Sujitha accompanied by major star casts. Unfortunately, the serial did not continue and stopped abruptly after getting telecasted for some months. This is one of its kinds in the Tamil Nadu channels.

Another version of this story...

This show is about a girl named Rudrakshi, who wants to do something in her life by breaking the idea of an Indian woman who is only known for to be a good household worker. In this show, Rudrakshi completes her studies in the course of cooking. She also wants to have fame and name in her stream. She is an innocent Girl with a complete package of well-mannered who is also an aspirant for a successful girl in his career, and she has the capability to do balance in her life. Shankar loved her a lot and decided to marry her and wanted to make the home minister of his house. Rudrakshi also had  a dream of successful and perfect man in her life and would complement with him to have a good personality in the society. Her life got totally changed after her marriage and feels upset for this as he was not a man whom she was in search because he was totally opposite from her thought. He is a guy who knows only how to spend his father money. Now the story is ‘will Rudrakshi adjust with him or she will be able to change the behavior of her husband or get divorced’?.

Venu Arvind is Tamil Film and Television Actor. He is mainly recognized for his role as Gautam in the serial Kasalavu Nesam. He also acted in various other shows like Raghuvamsum, Agni Sakshi etc.

Arvind Singh is a South Indian Tamil actor. He was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu India. He is well known for his role in serials like Chennai, Krishnadasi, Sena.

Shiva is a Tamil Actor and he was born on 3rd Feb 1999. He played his role on various screens like he worked as Thangavelu in movie Arangetram, also worked in Television Serials like Chithi, Kaveri, Annamalai and more.

Thangavelu in movie Arangetram, also worked in Television Serials like Chithi, Kaveri, Anamalai and more.