Tamil Tv Serial Maadhu - Cheenu

Maadhu - Cheenu Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Maadhu Cheenu was an old TV drama series. This series hit the television screens during the early 1990's. This show was telecasted for a time period of seven weeks in DD Metro. This was also shown in Singapore as well as in Malaysian televisions. After few years, this show was re-telecasted in Vijay TV. This particular series got the top ratings from the viewers.

The cast team included Crazy Mohan’s drama troupe. The lead roles were done by Balaji and Mohan. Along with this team, the famous film star, Delhi Ganesh had also made his appearance in this series. Actor Ramesh had appeared as villain in this series. The story was written by Crazy Mohan. And, the genre adopted was thriller comedy. At present, the whole series is available in the form of CDs and DVDs.

The direction part was carried out by S B Khanthan. ‘V.K.V. Visions’ was the production company that was involved in the creation of this particular series. The editing part was successfully carried out by Santhome Communication Centre.

The title track was sung by the famous singer, S P Balasubramanian who joined with Mano in singing the for this drama series. The music was composed by Ramesh Vinayakam.

This particular serial was declared to be the ‘Best Comedy Serial of the year’. This honor was given by Mylapore Academy. The villain character grabbed the ‘Best Character Award’. And, the director got the ‘Best Director’ Award for this series.

Another version of this story...

Maadhu Seenu is a successful serial telecasted on Dhoordarshan during the early 90's. S. B Khanthan directed it and the story writer was "Crazy" Mohan.

Crazy Creations is the drama troupe owned by "Crazy Mohan", when the dhoordarshan television channel started in India, various serials were made in all languages and getting popular.

As "Crazy" Mohan had a huge fan following (Crazy Creations drama troupe is one of the famous drama troupe till date), he started to make television serials, and almost, all the actor of his troupe acted in his serials.

The story is about Maadhu, a music tutor, works in a music school, his boss is a don. The boss, to trick his enemies in a particular issue, acts like he is dead, at that time Maadhu along with his friend Seenu visits his boss, in confusion; they assume they have killed the boss! The rest of the story is all about what happens to the boss and how these friends react to this, all this is shown in a very interesting and funny way. 

Maadhu Balaji, Crazy Mohan's brother, acted in Maadhu character and Mohan acted as Seenu, the serial became so popular and the people started to recognrecogniseBalaji and Mohan as Maadhu and Seenu, so both Balaji and Mohan added "Maadhu" and "Seenu" before their names respectively!