Tamil Tv Serial Kalyani Tamil

Kalyani  Tamil Tamil TV SERIALS on Kalaignar TV

Kalyani was a daily soap opera that aired on ‘Kalainagar TV’ in the ‘Tamil’ language. The show belonged was a family drama which is a recurring theme in the daily soap operas. The show had a large cast like ‘Santoshi’, ‘Vanthana’, ‘K. Natraj’, and ‘Rajkumar’. The supporting actors included ‘Nesan’, ‘Sri Devi’, ‘Pasi Satya’ and ‘Sujatha’. The show’s director and cinematographer were ‘Suriyan K. Shiva’, and the title song was created by ‘Nithyashree’ while the background music was given by ‘Nikki’. The show was produced by ‘Bravo Movies’.

The show was centered around the life of Kalyani, a simple married woman. She is like any other woman with her ambitions and desires. When she gets to a suitable age, her family decides to marry her to a suitable husband with a good family. They search far and wide until Kalyani finally finds her husband. She marries him and moves to the new household. The household is a change of pace from her old life, and she now finds herself burdened with new responsibilities.

She manages to find a balance between her responsibilities and life. However, her life isn’t easy due to her husband’s family. Rather than having a single mother in law, Kalyani finds herself having two of them. As with any other show, both the mother-in-laws are cruel and unkind to Kalyani. It seems that their only purpose is to create trouble for Kalyani and make her life miserable. She tries her best to remain positive and try to please her mother-in-law's but always falls short.

She seeks solace in her husband and hopes that he would take her side and help her. However, to her surprise, her husband pays no heed to her misery, and he is as cruel as her mother-in-laws. He torments her and does not treat her lovingly. The show is about Kalyani and her struggles in her new married life. She faces challenges at home, and all the family is turned against her. Even her husband, whom she loves does not sympathize with her. In such a situation, can she find her strength and overcome the odds? Will her desire for a loving husband and a happy family be fulfilled or she would succumb to her troubles and give up?