Tamil Tv Serial Idhu Oru Kadhal Kathai

Idhu Oru Kadhal Kathai Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv

Idhu Oru Kadhal Kathai (IOKK) is the story of two lovers separated by the bias and prejudice of the society. The story speaks of the love shared between Janaki, a Brahmin girl and Sakthivel, a Devar boy. The couple faces many struggles in the form of social stigma and family expectations on the path towards achieving happiness of being together. In the case of Janaki, her father wishes for her to become an IAS Officer and achieve a high status. While Sakthivel faces more moral dilemmas in the form of choosing between his family and the woman he loves. Sakthivel’s sprawling family makes it an impossible dream to be happily married by interfering in the young couple’s life either directly or indirectly.

The patriarch of the family, Annadurai (Sakthivel’s father) makes his displeasure known at the union, being against love marriage, seeing it as a threat to placing family first and keeping joint family values as the highest priority. His views are supported by his younger brother, though their means of enforcing them greatly differ. Additionally, Sakthivel and Janaki must also tackle Parimalam, a woman who believed herself to be promised to Sakthivel for marriage at the appropriate time. Like any jealous and insidious villain, she does anything within her power to come between their happiness, believing that she is the one to be with Sakthivel. Meanwhile, Janaki’s family trouble appears in the form of her brothers, who achieved very little.

They have left the burden of success in the hands of Janaki. Moreover, her father’s high hopes for her further education is an added pressure. Speaking of casts and related issues, Idhu Oru Kadhal Kathai, may seem to be a social commentary of sorts at first glance. However, an in-depth look makes us realize that it is much more than just social issues. The serial has an element of a love story through the protagonists, portrayed by Shruthi and Prajan. It explores the family dynamics through Sakthivel’s complex and rigid family. Also, the mention of academic pressure and expectations of success placed on Janaki, a feeling that is known to all genders and age groups. The serial is relatable to their own lives by most people and is therefore, a must watch.