Malayalam Tv Serial Videsavicharam

Videsavicharam Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet news

Videsavicharam is a Television talk show in Malayalam Language which was being aired on the Asianet news channel one day in a week around 7:30 pm in the evening. It is basically in line with the format of that of a News chat or talk show. The show Videsavicharam is being hosted by popular Asianet news channel anchor and each episode ran for approximately around 30 to 45 minutes. In each episode of Videsavicharam, an array of political, developmental and critical issues of India were vividly discussed with forcus mainly on the political issues. In every episode, an influential personality was invited that included rising politicians, socialites, beaurocrats , social activists, etc. to speak their mind and express their views and opinions regarding the concerned topic for each episode closely related to India’s development. Some of the topics discussed in the show were PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech, India-Bangladesh relationship, Pakistan’s political crisis, India China relations, etc. Videsavicharam usually discusses these complex issues with an esteemed panel of critics. The show Videsavicharam enjoys quite popularity amongst politically keen audience.

The viewers are also granted an audience in this show to express their views and opinions in the concerned topic of discussion. It’s a great and enjoyable show to keep oneself updated with the latest happenings in the political and social arena of the country as well as on a state level.