Malayalam Tv Serial Pavithra Jaililanu

Pavithra Jaililanu Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet tv

Pavithra Jaililanu is a drama entertainment series which airs on the Asianet channel. It is a Malayalam language show which is broadcast every weekday from Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM. It premiered on Indian television on 22nd January 2007. The show has received appreciation for its different story which sets it apart from the regular soap operas.

The story of the show revolves around a woman called Parvathi Warrier.  She is an extremely renowned dancer and is a very big fan of Chakravarthy Palodan whom she adores a lot. They become close friends and start to spend more and more time with each other. It soon dawns on them that they are perfect for each other. They go ahead and marry each other. Things continue very pleasantly for some time as they lead a happily married life together. Things couldn’t have been better. But, their happiness doesn’t last for long.  Parvathi is one day arrested for the murder of Manoj Babu.

Everyone gets shocked at this development and can’t believe what they are hearing. The police, however, are in possession of evidence which proves Manoj to be Parvathi’s lover. Parvathi denies the entire thing but cannot escape the wrath of the courts who proclaim her to be guilty. With no other recourse left, she gets taken away to jail to carry out her sentence. While in prison, Parvathi comes to the realization that she is pregnant. Though fearful of her child’s future, she decides against performing an abortion and instead gives birth to the child within the prison walls. She continues to nurse her child within the prison itself.  As the child grows, the authorities begin to discuss the possibility of sending the child to an orphanage.

When Parvathi discovers this fact, she refuses outright. She demands to raise her child on her own. Her objections, however, fall on deaf ears. When the child turns five years old, the authorities take her away and forcefully send her to an orphanage so that she can grow up under normal surroundings. Parvathi is heartbroken and cannot believe what her life has come to from the glorious dreams she used to have.  Some time later, a new officer comes to the prison. Her name is Rose Mary, and she is the prison’s Welfare  Officer. On assuming charge, she discovers Parvathi, who used to be her friend. She gets shocked to find her there and cannot believe what is going on. There is little she can do however as she has a duty to fulfill.

Later, Parvathi manages to get parole from the prison for a day. The show continues to unfold as we see Parvathi’s dilemma and how she faces the innumerable challenges in front of her. She also goes on to write a book. She hopes to prick at the conscience of those because of whom she landed behind bars. The story is a showcase of her immense willpower in spite of all that has happened to her.