Malayalam Tv Serial Njangalkkum Parayanundu

Njangalkkum Parayanundu Malayalam Tv serials on Mathrubhumi

Njangalkkum Parayanundu is a talk show which got broadcasted on Mathrubhumi News. Aparna Kurup is the anchor of the show. She handles and moderates the topics which get debated on the floor. Her style and mannerisms are polite but strong, and control the tone of the discussion. The series has been on the air for some years now and has garnered good ratings and reviews from the viewer base. It is among the channel’s more popular shows and is performing decently.

The show is, strictly speaking, a talk show. It discusses some topics. A lot of these issues may be of national importance while some are also topics which aren’t highlighted or discussed very openly but demand a debate. It successfully sheds light on certain dark aspects of our society and how we act and react. Many different topics get discussed. Some tend to become extremely controversial amidst the audience as well. Topics are brought up from a mix of the latest current affairs, incidents which may be of interest to the larger public, as well as pertinent issues which relate to society’s welfare and security. The topics thus get discussed properly and are also analyzed from different viewpoints.

The show’s format had gotten designed to engage different stakeholders and engage them all in a vivid and thought-provoking debate. A panel consisting of various experts from the field related to the topic under discussion get invited to the show. The guests analyze the issue from every conceivable point of view and engage in a healthy debate. The invitees draw from their observations and history to throw light upon the issue getting debated. They many times lend fresh perspectives to what might not be very apparent to the general viewers. This many a time engages us in discussions between what may be legal as compared to what is moral. The experts invited to the show provide various anecdotes along with evidence to support their stance.

A well-rounded opinion hence emerges, and the viewers thus get exposed to a nicely researched opinion. The debate, therefore, gets a multi-pronged outlook, and this manages to keep the discussion lively while giving the viewers a good amount of points to introspect upon. The show got good reviews in addition to decent ratings from the audience. It forms an educational and engrossing watch for the viewers sitting at home. The show also transcends beyond mere stating of opinions to ensuring that the point can get backed and validated with data points. The audience members can then choose to accept or reject a line of reasoning.