Malayalam Tv Serial Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope Hindi Tv serials on Indiavision

Kaleidoscope belongs to the genre of magazine adventure that had been aired on the Malayalam channel Indiavision with a weekly broadcast from 6:30 p.m to 7:00 p.m (Every Saturday). India vision was a Malayalam based news channel which had been owned by Indiavision Satellite Communications Limited, located in Kochi, Kerala. Indiavision has faced many complications and controversies in the past and had been criticised for being an anti-secularist media channel as it regularly used to air programs with such propagandas.

Indiavision Satellite Communications had launched Indiavision under the chairmanship of Mr M. K. Muneer dated 14th July 2003. It was the first complete Kerala-based news channel, a pioneer in bringing home the news while it was happening, Indiavision was synonymous with energy, dedication, freshness and alertness in the Malayalam media. The show Kaleidoscope is a Malayalam 30 minute episodic news magazine, which shows the various aspects of Kerala, which truly inspire, inform, provoke and amuse the viewers and get them in a very thoughtful mood. The presentation of the show done by the anchor is also in a casual style which is quite different as compared to other shows. It is a program that talks n showcases the unique talents of people. They try to cover most of the events happening in Kerala. They mostly focus on exhibitions based on sculptures, paintings, etc. and also a detailed profile of all the artists displaying their work is also mentioned.

Their prime focus revolves around what people fail to notice in their day to day lives, but when it had been shown in the show, it is of great interest to all the viewers. It treasures and shows many different stories like about a miniature gold sculptures which are hardly the size of a mustard seed, nano locks, an ex-scientist making sculptures from tree roots. It is really intriguing and amazing to see how a hobby forms to be a widely renowned artwork, and it is not only about the artwork, they also give importance to anything and everything that is different and has some uniqueness about it. Migratory animals or birds that are on the verge of extinction are given a lot of coverage to spread awareness and prevent their species from dying.

With such topics wrapped up, the show gained popularity instantly. This program has also won the award for The Best News Magazine Programme accepted by Harsha Prakash. Kaleidoscope stories from different parts of Kerala and is a visual treat. It successfully last aired on Indiavision.