Malayalam Tv Serial Adi Parashakti

Adi Parashakti Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv
Adi Parashakti is a mythological/devotional serial which was telecasted by Surya television channel from 2008 to 2012.
Adi Parashakti serial picturized the various forms of the supreme Goddess including Parvathy, Mookambika Devi, Madurai Meenakshi, Kanchi Kamakshi , Kanyakumari Devi, Attukal Bhagavathy, Chottanikkara Devi and so on.
The show includes pure mythological stories along with the general stories where the common man had opportunities to experience the divine blessings. The title songs shanmugha sodari, sung by the popular play back singer K.S Chithra is still an immensely popular devotional song. One of the most popular segments was the story of Chottanikkara temple. Scholar Shankaracharya continues several years of prayers and meditation to finally get the great privilege to see the great Goddess. He requested the Goddess to travel with him and reside at his birth place, Kalady. The great Goddess agreed to it, but on condition that Shankaracharya should walk in the front and she will follow him. He was not allowed to turn back even once during the journey. Goddess indicated that she would stop the journey at the point if Shakara turns back. Shankara agreed to the condition and they started the journey. But on the way, Shankara had an unstoppable urge to turn back he succumbed to the thought. The supreme Goddess stopped her journey there and decided to stay back. The place was known as jyothyanikkara, which lter became chottanikkara. Several other stories were also depicted to convey the message that the Goddess protects the righteous people and destroys the evil. Famous artist Praveena beautifully presented herself as the supreme Goddess.