Kannada Tv Show Kathe Alla Jeevana

Kathe Alla Jeevana Kannada Tv shows on Suvarna tv

Kathe Alla Jeevana is a reality talk show in the Kannada language that was aired on the channel, Star Suvarna. Star Suvarna is the regional sister channel of one of the largest broadcasting networks in India, Star India Network. Kathe Alla Jeevana was launched in the year 2014. The show went on air from 1st November 2014. The show was aired on weekends, Saturday to Sunday at 8:00 p.m. The show, Kathe Alla Jeevana is a unique talk show. The show brings you the stories of various people and their struggles in their life.

Common man, on an everyday basis, goes through a lot of social turmoil. A lot of these problems usually get highlighted via various mediums like media, etc. But the battle of the heart and mind, the personal war a man goes through, seldom gets focussed on. There is a huge portion of the society that deals with this turmoil regularly and while some live with them, unsolved, some other find it easy to just give up. Kathe Alla Jeevana is one such show that provides a platform to such people to bring up their issues and vent it all out on national television. However, this is not any ordinary raw outburst of emotions. The show provides directions to these lost souls through the host and a jury.

This jury consists of the common public or a celebrity from the outside world. People who produce the legal, social and psychological verdict on the issue to help the victims get a better understanding of the matter. All these people provide an unbiased third person point-of-view which help the individual to get a better understanding of the situation and consider the possible solutions to them rather than just giving up. This way, not only the concerned people or family find a viable solution but also a lot of other people or families going through these issues, find answers to their questions.

The host gives her verdict at the end of the show as to how things should turn up between the victims. The show lights up some paths in the way of these dark lives and shows them a way to work things out. The show has brought in some really inspiring stories with positive outcomes for the benefit of the common man. Some of the issues discussed on the show are very sensitive and very relatable to the modern life. Joint family v/s Nuclear Family, teen age pregnancy, magic and hypnotism, surrogacy, a child’s quest for her mother, cancer survivors, acid attack survivors, the impact of parents’ divorce on a young child, treatment to elderly, etc. These are some sensitive real life cases that shake the common man from the core and also provide them the right sense to see through the tunnel.

The show has already had one successful season in the year 2009 and was hosted by popular Kannada celebrity, Lakshmi. The show received tremendous response from the audience but was taken off air due to certain reasons. Now the second season of the show has been launched. The season had a total of 26 episodes and came to an end on 25th January 2015. This season was hosted by popular Kannada and Tamil actor-producer and Member of Legislative Council, Dr. Jayamala. Being the winner of various national awards and the first women president of Kannada Film Chamber of Commerce in 2008, Dr. Jayamala brings a lot of experience on the show. The way she looks into the issues and tries to understand it has a lot of depth, sensitivity, and maturity at the same time.