Kannada Tv Show Janma Janmanthara

Janma Janmanthara Kannada tv-serials on Kasthuri TV


Welcome to the breathtaking world of past life regression and future life progression! This is a reality show hosted by Dr. Manjunath Shastry is broadcasted on Kasturi Channel every day at 10:30 pm and on Kasturi news every day at 3:30 pm. This show revolves around a paranormal topic, remembering past lives. Is it true that we can remember our past lives? Well, this show guarantees exactly that. At first, it would seem it is all a hoax but if it’s all fake how can they be so sure of this? Well, as Dr. Manjunatha Shastry says, “Subconscious mind is aware of our past, present and future lives.”

All of us wander throughout our life in search of solutions to our various problems in life. No individual is devoid of problems. But Dr. Manjunath Shastry says that the solution to every problem is within us. Yes, our subconscious mind knows all the solutions. Dr. Shastry has found a way to talk to our subconscious mind and find a solution through hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Dr Shastry is an engineer in Electronics and Telecommunication. He is also a hypnotherapist.

He has retired from his E and TC field to devote to the rapidly expanding hypnotherapy practice. He believes that with the magic of ‘soul healing’ and hypnotherapy, almost anything is possible. He is said to have specialised in ‘spirit releasing’, curing chronic diseases, resolving psychosomatic problems, unsolved medical problems, curing anxiety, stress, mood swings, multiple personalities, depression, phantom illness, poltergeist activities, nightmares, sleeplessness, etc. Is it possible that these things on which science has no control can be cured? An atheist would, of course, say no to all these. He would say it’s all a hoax but is it fake? There have been many instances of remembering past lives all around the world.

Reincarnation is another paranormal topic that has become quite a phenomenon in the recent years. Yes, it’s true conventional science has not been able to explain these things. Then is it true that only selected people like Dr. Manjunath Shastry have attained the answer? Are afterlives, past lives and ghosts true? Is it true that the nightmares that we see are just the reflections of the horrors of our past lives? Is it true that only some people have attained that level of enlightenment that they seem to understand these things? Is it true that the human mind is so vast to comprehend? This show answers all these questions.