Kannada Tv Show Baduku Jataka Bandi

Badaku Jataka Bandi Kannada Tv shows on Zee kannada

Baduku Jataka Bandi is a reality series which came on the channel Zee Kannada. The show is a Kannada language one which came on every weekday between Monday and Friday in the slot of 7:30 PM. The program deals with the day to day incidents in one’s life. This keeps the program in sync with what happens in the real world, dealing all the time with real people around us, with real events occurring in their lives, with real emotions that they go through and with real judgments they have to live with and carry forth.

The program got hosted by the highly admired actor Malavika, who has made a space for herself within the Kannada film as well as television industry. The show strives to unfold some hard to believe but nonetheless real incidents which have occurred within the life of the person who gets discussed on the day’s episode. The series thus also becomes a platform for everyone who wishes to bare their heart and share their numerous emotional and at the same time heart-wrenching stories without any kind of reservations. It has gone on to garner immense popularity within a short duration of time and has performed as the custodian by becoming a platform which got shared by estranged couples and/or their families in order to sort out their internal conflicts as well as pull themselves together in order to stay together in peace and harmony and lead a happy life from thereon.

The entire series is a highly socially responsive one where many disturbed families come over, and they are then re-united through some steps aimed at dispute settlement amidst them along with counseling. The platform also gives them any kind of legal as well as psychological assistance whenever required. The host does a great job of bringing people together as well as facilitating a discussion between the family members. It provides invaluable advice regarding how one should overcome trivial issues by talking about it openly rather than pretending it doesn’t exist until one day it becomes a huge issue.

Some common issues about society get addressed alongside certain social experiments to understand how we all react and tackle a problem. Along with creating awareness, it is also used to discuss measures as well as solutions which can get used to overcoming such problems. The series’ wonderful initiative has successfully united a number of people and created a real difference in their lives.