Kannada Tv Serial Yaarivalu

Yaarivalu Kannada TV SERIALS on UDAYA TV

Yaarivalu is the Kannada television entertainment family debut that airs from August 31, 2020, at 08.00 PM on every day. Aradhiya, Swathi Konde, and Aarav Surya are the main cast of the series. Ambarish Sarangi, Sharmitha, Ashok Hegde, Balaraj Vanishri, Deepa Parvathi, and Nagaraj Bhat are the part of the series. The story revolves around Shrestha, a little girl from the wealthy family longs for her mother’s love. Because her mother goes missing in a mysterious incident, which makes her suffer a lot and wanders in search of her mother. She also feels for her bedridden grandpa, who is tortured and dominated by her father. She has got a stepmother who makes her cry a lot and face many hardships.

But to make her happy, circumstances bring a transwoman to save her from her cruel father and rude step-mother. On the other hand, Maya, who is a disciple of Lord Hanuman, enters the series. She strongly believes Hanuman is everywhere and remembers him in every situation. She resembles Shrestha’s mother, Ahalya, which creates the bond between her and Shrestha. Even they met in an adventurous state, they develop a strong bond of affection between each other. As she is like Shrestha’s mother, Shrestha feels comfortable with her, and likes each other. The story then narrates the indescribable love and the relationship beyond the mother. It also illustrates Maya’s relationship with Shrestha and her mother, Ahalya. Shrestha is in the situation to criticize the story behind the mysterious incident and what made her mother leave her.

Here is a varied concept in the Kannada small screen industry as the child is the heroine of the serial and in the responsibility to find the truth behind her mother’s missing. Maya is the only person in her world to make her comfortable and sustainable. Will Maya replace the love of her mother? Will Shrestha able to crack all the conspiracies surrounded her? Is Ahalya pretends to be Maya? Will Shreshtha lead a happy life without any sorrows forms the conclusion of the story. Arka Media Works, which has given the blockbusting movie Bahubali produces the series. Dharshit Bhat’s direction, along with Manju Mandya’s cinematography, adds the special features to the serial.

This serial gets more popularity as the child plays a vital role and a character that creates sympathy in the hearts of the audience. As this concept of a child longing for a mother’s love is old, but they insert many powerful things like that the character which resembles their mother, a transwoman, etc. Many sympathetic matters such that the sufferings of the child when the inmates hurt her and the conspiracies that give her unbearable pain brings viewers to fall for her. Although for the exciting parts like her intelligence in finding the truth, her innocence in conversating with Maya and her courageous face has a separate fan base.