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Mahabharatha is a serial being telecast on Udaya TV at 6 pm from Monday to Friday. Mahabharatha is an epic saga of an 18 days war, which destroyed some very large kingdoms and its kings. This war took place for wealth, woman, honour and prestige. The story is about the king of Hastinapur and his family after him. The jealousy between brothers, the fight for power and right, the traditional values of royal families are the main concept of this epic. This story is an epic because it describes 4 generations.

The hostility among brothers is shown in effect that it leads to a great war. The godly powers of Sri Krishna also could not stop the war. Cousins were divided into 2 groups called Pandavas and Kauravas. Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas was offered as bait for a royal gamble by her husband, who lost her to the Kauravas and hence laid the foundation stone for the great Mahabharatha war. The story of Mahabharatha has been divided into many parts which are all interlinked. This is because of a variety of characters in this story.

Every character has his own story in his history. Like, why the Pandavas were only 5, whereas Kauravas were a 100. It has been shown very beautifully how Kunti, mother of Pandavas and wife of Pandu, used her magical powers to gain 5 sons from 4 different gods, 3 of which are hers and two belong to Pandu’s second wife. Kunti’s secret of having borne another son called Karna, from the Sun god, before her marriage to Pandu, is revealed later on. Gandhari, wife of Dhritharashtra, the blind brother of Pandu, ties a cloth over her own eyes to show her loyalty towards her blind husband. She gives birth to 101 children ( in a magical way), among which are 100 boys and 1 girl. Power over their land brings jealousy, competition, unhappiness and exile for the Pandavas.

At this time Draupadi enters their life and due to unavoidable situations is wedded to all the 5 brothers and hence known as Panchali. After Draupadi comes to her in law’s place, after exile, starts the drama over this woman. Duryodhana feels insulted by Draupadi, when she laughs at him when he falls into water.

He swears to take revenge. He makes Yudhisthir, the elder son of Kunti to pawn Draupadi during a game of gamble and makes him lose her to him. He then insults Draupadi by making Dushyasana, brother of Duryodhana, to bring her to court by pulling her by the hair. Then Dushyasana tries to unclothe her which is stopped by Sri Krishna, uncle of the Pandavas and Kauravas. This insult angers Draupadi, who is a very powerful woman, as she was born from fire, and results in the Mahabharath war.

Shakuni, Gandhari’s brother plays a very role of a clever villain, throughout the story. Lord Sri Krishna supports the Pandavas and during the war gives Arjuna, one of the Pandavas, ‘Geetha Upadesha’, the great teachings for mankind. This serial has been directed very beautifully on a grand set, to take you back to that age of godly powers, magic wisdom, intelligence, valour and severe enmity.

Actors : 'Vallabh Y.S.' , 'Ananthavelu', 'Jaya Kumar', 'H.M.T. Nanda', 'Chethan Raj', 'M. Gururaj', 'E.P. Akshay', 'Archana Ananthavelu', 'Sujatha Kurahatti' etc.,It is Produced by Cinevistas.

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