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Kannada Tv Serial Comedy Circle

Comedy Circle Kannada Tv serials on Etv kannada
Comedy Circle was a show which was telecasted on ETV Kannada on Saturday and Sunday at 10pm. It is not a serial or a comedy program. This is an innovative concept of the director Vijaya Prasad Vijaya Prasad began his career as a small screen t >> Read More... who became famous by the Sidlingu and Neer Dose program. He is the director of this show. MS Murthy gave the script for this show. It is a comedy chat show in which celebrities are invited for TV show or movie promotion. This show is completely based on comedy. This show featured some comedians and mimicry artists like Arun Sagar Arun Sagar is an Kannada cinema actor. He also wor >> Read More... , Mitra, Mimicry Dayanand Dayanand is a Mimicry artist, impressionist, Kanna >> Read More... , Girija Lokesh Girija Lokesh is an India based actress and also k >> Read More... , Shalini, Mimicry Gopi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... etc who made short skits and performed them. The set of this show resembled that of a traffic circle of a city and had all these comedians and mimicry artists playing shopkeepers and locals of the fictitious locality. The caricature and the script were the main sources of comedy in the Comedy Circle. This show has proved to be a great entertainment in the week end for the people who were feeling bored. Arun Sagar won the Entertaining Star award in the ETV Anubandha Awards for the year 2014 held at Koramangala Indoor stadium for his performance in Comedy Circle show.