Hindi Tv Show Truth Love Cash Season 2

Truth Love Cash Season 2 Hindi OUTTAKES on Channel V

Truth Love Cash Season 2 is an initiative by Channel V India, which was aired every Saturday at 7 p.m. in the year 2011. It is a reality show hosted by VJ Yudi which revolves around a game between love and money. The first episode of the show began with fourteen participants teamed as couples, who also happen to be real-life couples.

The participants were as follows:

Vishakha and Satya

Praveen and Jogita

Sumit and Karishma

Chandrani and Hafeez

Navneet and Ajay

Vinit and Arsila

Hamida and Jamil

About the game: The show began with seven real-life couple participants who had to perform a task since it was a TV game show. The task involved the girls covering their face with chocolate and convincing people in licking it from their cheeks, for which they were paid. On the other hand, the boys could earn money based on the number of slaps they could take from people. As easy as it might seem, the task wasn’t a child’s play. The added twist to this task was that each couple were handcuffed with each other and had a time barrier of half an hour. Higher the cash, easier the win.Vishaka and Satya were declared as the winners of the task followed by Ajay and Navneet. The episode took a rather unfortunate turn when Chandrani and Hafeez, the lowest earners were eliminated from the show.

As they say, the show must go on. After the elimination, the remaining six couples were taken to the TLC house which was breath taking. From the furnishing to its garden and lawn, it had enough to offer a comfortable stay to all its participants. This was followed by a small and warm welcome party in which VJ Yudi comes into the scene and drops a new hint – tempting as well as rewarding. On the basis of the first day’s earning the participants were given cash as much as one lakh for the winner followed by 75 thousand for the first runners up. There was then a new task, which was less of a task and more of an interaction session namely the ‘secret temptation’. The first and the second runners-up were exempted from this task and were sent to the secure zone.

The rest - Sumit, Vinit and Jamil, the insecure contestants were sent for the secret temptation. After much wait, Anisha was finally introduced as the temptation of the show, who had the highest amount of cash in the show. At this point, the main motive of the show was highlighted. The insecure guys could either choose their love or team up with Anisha to be in the safe zone. But as they say, nothing in the world can lure away the temptation of true love. The same thing happened here, and all the guys choose their love. Hamida and Jamil were eliminated from the show, and Anisha joined the other contestants. They chain of tasks completion and elimination based off performance was carried further until the show’s end in order to find a clear winner. Sumit and Karishma were finally declared as the winners of the show.