Hindi Tv Show Thakan

Thakan Hindi tv-shows on Zindagi TV

Thakan is a heartwarming story of Sadaf, who works relentlessly to make sure that her family members are living comfortable and secured lives. She is the only working member in the family and takes responsibility of the entire household, which includes her mother, grandfather, younger sister and brother. But inspite of everything she does she is largely unappreciated and criticized by her family who are all selfish and unconcerned for her except for her grandfather, who is the only one who understands and cares for her. Sadaf also faces continuous criticism and harassment at work due to which she has to shift jobs frequently. Finally she finds herself a job that she likes. Her new boss is a middle aged lady who is quiet empathetic and understanding towards Sadaf. While Sadaf is happy and settled in her new job, the problems at home never cease to exist.

One day when Sadaf visits her brother’s college to pay his fees, she is shocked to know that he has been suspended from college a few months back due to his behavior. When Sadaf gets home and confronts him he avoids telling her the truth that he has been spending all the money on gambling. And the next day as he needs money, he steals the money from home and injures his grandfather when he confronts him. Sadaf’s grandfather finally succumbs to his injuries and dies leaving her more heartbroken than ever.

As Sadaf is still dealing with the grief of losing her grandfather, she comes to know that the man who she was supposed to marry doesn’t really care for her and is only marrying her because she is good looking and can look after his house and family. At the same time she also comes to know from her brother in law, Khurshid that her mother has been rejecting marriage proposals coming her way from the past seven years to ensure that Sadaf continues working and looking after her family.

Deeply hurt by this revelation, Sadaf decides to get married and leave the house. When her boss gets to know of Sadaf’s intention to get married, she feels that Sadaf would be a good match to her son Kaashan, who is a divorcee with two kids, and puts forth the proposal to Sadaf who accepts it. Although Sadaf faces numerous problems adjusting to her married life initially, she begins to cope with the challenges and eventually falls in love with her husband and grows to love his kids like her own. She is also successful in winning the love of her husband and kids eventually.

While Sadaf is happy in her life with Kaashan and the kids, Kaashan’s mother who also happens to be her ex-boss gets jealous of the closeness between Kaashan and Sadaf and feels that Kaashan is giving undue importance to Sadaf. She hatches a plan to create problems between them. But her plan is not successful because Kaashan trusts Sadaf over his mother. Sadaf later gets to know the truth leaving her shattered and devastated but is also happy knowing that Kaashan trusts her. The show ends with Sadaf and Kaashan being happy and content in life after overcoming several obstacles together.