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Swiss made challenge, a show held in Switzerland. In this show from all over India, six contestants are selected. The host of the show is Neha Dixit. This contestant faces different challenges and in the grand finale, the winner is announced. In these show over the next 15 days, six contestants will travel more than 1500 km across land and water, snow and air facing a series of tasks. A game where the mind, body and spirit will all be put to the test.

The year 2014, online entries for Swiss made challenge opened and thousands of people applied, putting up their best face forward, but only 6 made the cut. Sanya Batra, a 21-year-old girl, is our first contestant, psychology and sociology student from Kamla Nehru College in Delhi. She has just completed her graduation with and now waiting for results.She says, "I am a fun-loving person, really bubbly and chirpy and I love making new friends and going to new places and here I am in Switzerland for Swiss made challenge." Our second contestant, Harshit Srivastava, 23-year-old guy. He is born and brought up in Lucknow. He is a fashion designer by profession and theatre artist by passion.

He says, "I designed for Yash Raj Films brand film 'Deewani'. I am big Bollywood fan, I can walk Bollywood, I can talk Bollywood. Switzerland is a beautiful place, and I am lucky I am a part of it." Contestant number three, Aakash Malhotra, a 22-year-old guy is working as Executive Corporate Relation. He says," I am a very adventurous person. I love photography; I love Adventure Mountain climbing, biking. I am a big fitness freak. There would have been a heaven on Earth, somewhere, it is in the Switzerland." Our fourth contestant, Anamika Dutta, a 25-year-old girl from Bengaluru. She says, " I love travelling because of all the travel I have done, I can't stay in one place for too long, it becomes boring and I just want to like go out and explore something else. I love drawing and reading and of course, I hate cooking because I am not good in it. So, today is my first day in Switzerland and it is beautiful."

The fifth contestant, Juhi Jamba, a 22-year-old law student from New Delhi. She says, "I just love to smile at strangers, friends, animals, monuments, birds, little babies around. I love adventure sports going down the river, swimming, and here I am in Zurich with the Swiss made challenge." Our last contestant, Anirudh Gupta, a 23-year-old guy, who designs board games and puzzles for kids, he is also a table tennis coach and he is currently working as a sales manager in his father's firm. He says, "I am a total sports fanatic, I love playing sports, music, movies, I also sing and like poem 'Once In Awhile'. I am hoping to get to know much more in the coming days." These lucky challengers took a direct flight from Delhi and Mumbai, 4000 miles north, straight to the heart of Europe's most desired destination Switzerland.

One of the busiest airports in the world, Zurich airport, is where the first time travellers to Switzerland start this journey together, not knowing what lies ahead for them. Aakash says, "I met 5 of them at Delhi airport, it was a pretty crazy experience knowing them." After a comfortable flight on board Swiss, the contestant does what all traveller's landing in Zurich do; get themselves a Zurich card, a single pass that gives them access to all trains, trams and even museums. 

Juhi says, "From the word 'go', everyone related to each other very well, there were no bad vibes getting around, and everyone is excited and trying to share the knowledge that they have about the country." Harshit says, "It has been a wonderful journey till now, and Switzerland just look beautiful. I feel it is one of the best season and time to be here."Who among them will stay in the game, to spend two weeks in  Switzerland, is a suspense. For now, the lucky six are in the gorgeous city of Zurich.