Hindi Tv Show Satyagraha 2014

Satyagraha 2014 Hindi Tv shows on Aaj tak

The popular Hindi news channel 'Aaj Tak' had launched this series ‘Satyagraha 2014’. The show was telecast on Saturday at 9 pm and Sunday at 10 pm. It is a show inspired by the movement that was started by the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. The serial show had sent a message that Gandhi is still alive and still reminding the nation and people that truth is always the ultimate factor in the fate of election that was to be held in 2014.The director of the serial was Sunil Manchanda.

It may be noted that this director and producer has made earlier films like Paa, Cheeni Kum Click to look into! >> Read More... , etc. He urged actor Surender Rajan to enact the role of Gandhiji. This actor not only matched the personality and look of Gandhi but believed that even his voice was matching with Gandhi. The show wanted to capture the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and how much his message is still relevant still.

The episodes and following episodes had only shown viewers that even today the message of peace, non-violence, and satyagraha, etc. can help the nation was heading towards a new beginning with the election -2014. The show only wanted to send a message to politicians to make them feel honesty; the truth is still true pillars of democracy. Aaj Tak wanted to make a social awakening with the voters, politicians, and even the countrymen that petty politics cannot sway truth.

The show proved that riots happening in a country still pains Mahatma as he is still alive within us and if people or politician could turn to non-violence and truth, India could become a dream what Gandhi has seen a long back. Gandhiji’s popular song ‘Ishwar Allah Tere Naam’ was featured in the serial.