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Cheeni Kum Teasers, Trailers, Video & Songs

It's a story of an old, egoistic, but smart and full of experience chef who is fully devoted towards his work and very conscious about the reputation of his restaurant because the dishes they are serving are one of a kind. Amitabh Bachan looking very smart and decent in the chef uniform with his new hairstyle it's a completely different avatar which never be seen before in his films.

The efforts he is putting in his acting are completely flawless and full of confidence when he tested the dish just one bite and chewing it slowly like a perfect chef and explain his waiter about the dish which he is is going to serve about all the ingredient with the amount of their proportion in an astonishing way which completely catches your attraction and suddenly he changes the whole scenario by saying sugar, where is the damn sugar and asked his staff. This is the finest Hyderabadi Zafarani Pulao with no sugar and any dead, will say No to our this pulao and then his waiter explain to him this is not made here this is coming from outside especially for you and then Tabu entered and with the theme of the title song it's clear that there is a need for sugar in Amitabh's attitude. This is the movie for food lovers with love fun and no age bar are its ingredients.