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Sarkaar Ki Duniya Hindi Tv shows on Real tv

Sarkar Ki Duniya belongs to the reality genre. It got first air on 2 March 2009. Real TV broadcasts the show on weekdays at 10 pm. It was held at Mango Island in Karwar, Karnataka. Brothers, Niret Alva Niret Alva, an anchor-producer of the television i >> Read More... and Nikhil, were the executive producers of the show. Ashutosh Rana was the host for the show. The show plays with the basic human traits of self-preservation and greed. The show chose 18 participants from diverse professional backgrounds and put them together on a remote island which was ruled by Sarkar, played by the host Ashutosh Rana where they had to work and live simply with no fans, shampoo, ovens, etc. They had to make their own food, milk buffaloes, bathe in Kali River, and dig wells.

The show judged the contestants on their primal instincts, hard work, and team work as they battle out with the natural environment and their egos. They needed manipulative skills, tact and ingenuity to survive among the harsh rules of the island. The show is based on Survivor meets Monopoly format. There were 18 contestants in the show which were selected from all over India. Every week, one of the contestants was elected as Community Leader known as Dal Nayak who used to assign a task and a winning amount. The players play the assigned task to win that amount to stay in the game. The person who became Dal Nayak had immunity and was saved from the elimination. The remaining players had to pay tax one time a week and the three lowest tax players were nominated for elimination known as Nishkasan.

From these three, the rest of the dal used to eliminate one member every week. When the game had only 4 members left then Nishkasan i.e. elimination rights were taken away from the participants and Indian public were given the chance to vote for Maha- Nayak. The contestants of the show were Sanjeev Gupta (30 years) who was a Journalist from Delhi, Ali Wassim Raja Mughal (24) who was Fitness Trainer from Jammu, Rashid Ali (28) who was Trader from Delhi, Shikha Puri Arya (32) who was a wedding planner from Delhi, and Nandini Lall (26) who was farmer from Uttarakhand.

Other contestants were Shweta Rawat (23) who was a voice over artist from Dehradun, Muskaan Arun Bhosle (24) who was bar dancer from Mumbai, Neeru Goswami (20) who was an actor from Ambala, Jagdish Italia (32) who was a businessman from Surat, and Koneenice Banerjee (28) who was an actor from Kolkata. Puneesh Sharm (25), a civil contractor; Nawal Dutta (38), a martial arts trainer from Delhi; Shauman Ahmed (26), a DJ from Kolkata; JatinderPal Singh (28), corporate executive from Punjab; and Ronu (25), an ex-army captain from Bihar were also part of the show.

Vishwas Saghwan (23) who was a student from Haryana and Riya Ray (23) who was a model from Guwahati were also participants of the show. Mink Brar Born on 4th November 1983 as Mink Singh, Mink Brar >> Read More... , an actress, entered the show as Wildcard. Qazi Taqueer was also part of the show. He was the only known face in the show and had won a reality show before it. He was kept out of the daily task along with Puneesh by Shweta who was the Dal Nayak. He and Jagdish received equal votes so the decision was passed to Ali as he had got no votes against him and due to some previous bad encounter, he chose Qazi to get eliminated.

While leaving, he donated his 40 ginis to Vishwas and rest 40 to Puneesh and Rashid. The final four participants of the show were Puneesh, Ali Mughal Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Rashid, and Sanju. The grand finale of the show was telecasted on 3 July 2009, and the prize money for the winner was 1 crore. Puneesh Sharma from Delhi won the show; while Ali was first runner-up and Rashid second runner-up. The show was very similar to real life which was a silver point for them. It made the contestants to work together. It showed the young India and their way of living, their beliefs. It is a very entertaining show.