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Hindi Tv Show Road Trip

Road Trip Hindi tv-shows on YouTube Channel

Travelling, Roaming and having fun is always what we dream of, and some like me always dream of a day when we can set ourselves ready for a trip.

"Road Trip"- this phrase is full of adventure. One craves to experience a road trip with friends, their loved ones and even with strangers. Road trips are adventures that give you experience, enjoyment, new friends, memories and things more magical than ever. MTV/Channel V brings a show which will make us live the life on a road trip sitting in front of our television.

The show "Road Trip" was shown on screen with thrilling adventure for audience/viewers. "Road Trip" was a reality show with an open call for the casting crew selection. The show was in search of young, adventurous and fun loving Americans within the age of 18 to 25. The people opting for this would have the best adventurous trip driving across Mexico, having the best summer road journey. The passion to live a few days by driving from one road to another will be spine-dropping exciting even for the viewers in front of their television.

The coordinator declared that this would be a road trip for one desperately into adventure and thrill. He added, one might be dating or engaged, friends or married and bored, but this road trip would be the ultimate of road trips. The dates for the selection of this thrilling adventure was before July 31st, 2015. The filming of this mind blowing road trip was started from August 25 and ended up to September 27 which had been throughout Mexico. "Road Trip" the name of the first attempted road journey shoot was telecast on MTV/Channel V. This show did not pay any of its travellers but all the expenses that were made during the shoot hours were covered by the production.

The poster that came up on Twitter promoting the show "Road Trip" seemed enough promising and provoking. This trip has been all over Europe which included places like "Cabo San Lucas", "Mexico City", "Cozumel", "Acapulco", "Cancun", "Playa Del Carmen", etc.

A person named "David" who prompted himself to be a casting for the show "Road Trip" made the first amazing and provoked call to the young and fun-loving Americans set within the age bar of 18years to 25 years for this adventure trip. The viewers of this show were excited, and their expectation level from the show was drastically high which was definitely met by the show.

They travelled, they made friends, they explored, they created memories; they lived their life travelling road, and the road trip ended up with a lot of achievements. One thing that the show "Road Trip" states very clear and loud is "A lot can happen over a Road Trip."