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Kumbh Karan is an Indian animated cartoon filled with adventure and comedy. The sole purpose of the writers of this show namely Divya Chandel, Vikas Chandra and Kaushik Chawla is to showcase different personalities of the mythological character Kumbhkaran in a more light and child-friendly manner. The lead of the show Kumbh and Karan portray two unique sides of Kumbhkaran. This 22-minute show will take you on an adventure with the two brothers, their sweet best friend Tara and Kumbh's pet porcupine Kaddu who belong to a small colony of Ajab-Gajabpur, but travel the whole world for different quests and adventures. The makers of the show have given each character of the show a unique look and personality.

Although Kumbh and Karan are twins, the only similarity between them is their lovely eyes and big ears. Kumbh is chubby, lazy, sleepy and hungry but he is strong with a soft heart. He too likes the mythological character loves sleeping and wakes up from the aroma of deliciously cooked food. Kumbh's pet Kaddu too is like Kumbh, who loves to eat but is very faithful to Kumbh and follows him on all his adventures. Karan, on the other hand, is completely opposite to his brother. He is smart, intelligent and agile and a little better looking than his brother. He is active and trains in archery and warfare.

The other cast too has been given a different identity. We have the chief of Ajab- Gajabpur named Sardar whose persona is that of a reluctant person. Then we have the brave and loyal Kabir who is a lieutenant of the chief and also he is the one who trains Karan in archery and warfare. The authors have also shown the character of the sweet Dadi Maa who is like a mother to the two heroes. Last but not the least we have a quirky character named Super Chacha. He is the one responsible for keeping things interesting in the colony and in the lives of out characters.

This children show made its first appearance in the year 2010 and instantaneously became one of the favourite show in the nation. The show became so popular in the country that Kumbh Karan games were created in board form as well as on-line. In fact, the show became so popular that it was released overseas too. This cartoon was released in Sri Lanka with the name “Kadiyai Thadiyai”.