Hindi Tv Show Ishq Gumshuda

Ishq Gumshuda Hindi tv-shows on Zindagi TV

Ishq Gumsudah is an Urdu language Pakistani serial, which was first telecast on Hum Tv at 25th June 2010. It had a total of 17 episodes and was also premiered on Zee Zindagi on 5th September 2014. Later it was again telecast on 18th October 2014.

It is a story which revolves around three friends Ali (Humayun Saeed), Alizeh (Sarwat Gilani) and Neha (Aamina Sheikh).

Ali and Alizah were very close friends and always watched each other backs. So, as the time goes on Ali's mother (Shamim Hilaly) gives a proposition to Ali that he should marry Alizah. Ali agrees to this marriage instantly. Later he tells Neha about the proposal, but he did not mention the name of the girl.

Somehow Alizah came to know about this arrangement and gets angry. After that Neha reveals that Alizah is the girl Ali wants to marry. But this makes Alizah get more depressed, so she avoids Ali for few days. And one day she confronts Ali about this arrangement also she shouts that he is her best friend, and he should not let the marriage come between them. Heartbroken and upset Ali agrees to this, and he asks Neha to get married to him. Neha who was in love with Ali secretly agrees for this marriage. And Alizah also helps the couple happily in making the wedding arrangements.

Ali, on the other hand, comes to know that Neha always was in love with him. But still, he wasn't enthusiastic about marrying her soon the night of their wedding Ali asks Alizah again for marrying him. However, like the last time she declines again. So, Neha and Ali finally get married.

After the marriage, Ali and Neha got along with each other well and were also happy together. On the other hand, Alizah started hiding from everyone and begun to talk less about her feelings and emotions. She was not the cheerful girl like before she goes out for extended hours and comes home late. This behavior made her parents worried.

Ali also came to know about all this and became worried about his friend. As he was the one who always brings her back home. Neha became disturbed with his behavior and asked Ali why is he was not able to forget her. Later events occur which almost broke their friendship and Alizah came to know truth about her mother. And at last she confessed her love to Ali but she leaves for London next day after the quiet night while neither Ali nor Neha holds her back from her decision.